The SENSAS franchise : an exceptional adventure

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Fun and sharing at the heart of our concept

SENSAS offers a unique immersive entertainment experience in the world, based on the power of our 5 senses. In teams of 4 to 52 people, for 2 hours, participants embark on a crazy journey where their senses are put to the test… most of the time, in the dark ! SENSAS is the perfect experience to share laughter and strong emotions. It’s also a solidarity-driven experience that immerses you in darkness… to open your eyes to the reality of disability

At the heart of the concept are the Masters of the Senses ! True enhancers of emotions, they guide participants and spice up the game to give them a truly unforgettable experience, armed with their kindness and their sharp sense of humor.

SENSAS is all about love

  • A mission: to make people happy. An intergenerational activity accessible from 7 to 97 years old.
  • Humanity at the heart of the concept thanks to our Masters of the Senses who enhance the experience.
  • A solidarity-driven entertainment: for every challenge completed, a donation is generated for an association fighting against disability.
  • A 5-star reputation on Google & TripAdvisor, and thousands of followers on social media.
  • A 100% original concept, with no direct competition.
franchise SENSAS

Why choose SENSAS ?

  • Achieve a turnover of €250 to €300K by the third year
  • A 100% original concept with no direct competition
  • Profitability reached by the second year
  • A stimulating and rewarding work environment
  • A small team: three people are enough to handle everything in the first year (including an intern)
  • Low marketing investment thanks to a 5-star reputation and maximum customer satisfaction
  • Solid support at every stage of your project
  • A sustainable and dynamic structure: SENSAS constantly evolves to offer new products and complementary services (additional courses, special offers for companies, mobile SENSAS, etc.)
Become a Franchisee

An exciting entrepreneurial adventure

Joining SENSAS as a franchisee is making a real lifestyle choice that combines passion, enjoyment, and profitability. Your entrepreneurial spirit will be captivated by an ultra-stimulating and rewarding work environment.

Becoming a SENSAS franchisee also means becoming part of a close-knit family. You will be professionally and cheerfully accompanied by our co-founders and partners. They will impart their expertise, best practices, and everything that has contributed to the success of the operating centers.

franchise SENSAS

27 venues, including 19 franchised ones

Since its creation in 2015 with the first venue opened in Marseille, SENSAS has continued to expand, and now has 8 company-owned venues and 19 franchised ones spread across France as well as in London, Barcelona, Geneva and Khobar.

SENSAS in the top 10 of entertainment in France !

Regularly praised by participants on review platforms like Google and TripAdvisor, SENSAS ranks at the top of the list of the best entertainment options in France.

SENSAS is also a hit on social media, and every center opening is always an event! Our customers become our best ambassadors and regularly recommend SENSAS to their friends and family.

Opening a SENSAS franchise means starting with word-of-mouth that outperforms any competition.

franchise SENSAS

Do you have the SENSAS profile ?

  • If you love seizing life with enthusiasm and sharing it with others, then you have the number one quality required to launch your SENSAS franchise.
  • If you manage or have managed other leisure activities, you have a profile identical to 40% of our franchisees who are multi-entrepreneurs seeking a new venture.
  • If you don’t fit the profile above, you’re part of the 60% of our franchisees ! They have been military personnel, civil servants, hairdressers, recent graduates, and they all wanted to change their lives. When will it be your turn ?

SENSAS, a success story made in France

It all began in 2015. In an era where Escape Games were gaining ground, co-founders Grégory Lafon and Silvana Popovic realized that there was no indoor entertainment that was intergenerational (for both adults and children) where participants could play, discover, laugh, and share strong emotions together.

Entrepreneurs at heart, they then had the idea that would make the difference: to create their own entertainment experience, playful and intergenerational, based on what is most universal about human beings, the 5 senses! And to make the experience unique, one element became essential: to immerse the participants… in darkness !

Driven by strong common values, they built their concept by placing humans at the center of their concerns and soon added a solidarity and educational dimension by sensitizing participants to the cause of disability.

SENSAS opens its first two franchises only 2 years after its creation.

In 2019, SENSAS surpasses 100,000 clients in a year. The growth accelerates, accompanied by a strong need for structure to maintain the course and continue healthy development.

A third partner then joins the adventure: Sébastien Offant, former Chief Marketing Officer at Monshowroom and Openclassrooms. He brings all his expertise in managing high-growth companies to SENSAS and manages to build a solid and profitable model that allows SENSAS to consider new development perspectives.

In 2022, SENSAS surpassed 350,000 clients. Today, SENSAS aims to conquer all five continents !

No direct competition

You have no direct competitors, SENSAS is a one-of-a-kind concept in the world.

Total success

Quick revenues and high profitability

A wider target audience, from 7 to 97 years old

SENSAS also targets children and is a hit among families, youth, and businesses

The magic formula

No competition + exceptional word-of-mouth + very positive reviews online = revenue without a marketing budget (or almost 😉)

Let’s talk about your project !

If you’re looking for an exciting entrepreneurial adventure with low risk, quick gains, quality support, and strong human values, then join us !